10 Ways To Feel Calm & Relaxed On Your Wedding

1. Day Consider the Location. 
A venue that you feel instantly emotionally connected to is the ideal surround to make you feel calm, excited and content.

2. Get to Bed Early. 

The night before your wedding it may take you longer to drift off than normal so head to bed a little earlier and give yourself that time to relax. Comforting linen sheets and a calming play-list are the perfect way to set you up for a restful sleep. Guided mindfulness meditations can be smart in advancing and helping to calm you into easy rest.

3. Treat Yourself to Tea & a Healthy Breakfast. 
A calming infused tea and hearty, healthy breakfast, brought to you in bed for that extra indulgence, is the ideal way to start the day. Avoid greasy and fatty foods as these could make you feel queasy if nerves are heightened. Many grooms/brides say they can feel too anxious or excited to eat in the morning but it really is important.

4. Choose Calming Scents. 
Consider your favorite scent as a room diffuser, or candle, so as you’re getting ready a lovely aroma fills the space to relax you. We used traditional sage smudge sticks, an ancient form of incense which are used to cleanse the air and bring calm.

5. Play Music You Love. 
Make yourself a play-list to enjoy for the morning. Pack a set of Bluetooth speakers into your overnight bag and of course don’t forget your phone charger. Music has a wonderful role in emotional balance and you know the sort of music that lets you feel positive, excited and relaxed; fill the space with these sounds and enjoy the feeling that it brings.

6. Pamper Yourself. 
If you’re a bath person, have a good soak the morning of your wedding with enriching bath salts and flower petals if you wish(brides). How often can you be this extravagant after all? For the grooms, treat yourself to silk PJ's and your favorite smoke. Keep your surrounding quite and peaceful. If your are feel anxiety breathe and remember the first day you meet your bride. Play that over and over in your mind. For the brides, try a dressing gown that makes you feel wonderful; we chose a luxurious silk Kimono that is beautiful to touch. Have someone around that supports your union and believes and you. Make sure he/she is there while you are getting dressed.

7. Carefully Choose Your Inner Circle. 
Along with your inner circle of bridesmaids and mother(s) on the morning of your wedding, there will be others to consider on the supplier side, and it’s importantly to choose them carefully and make sure you have a great natural dynamic with them. Those front line in the morning are the Hair and Make Up artists, the Photographer, and the Planner, should you have booked one. Each are there to ensure you have a seamless and memorable day, taking the pressure away from you so you can enjoy your day in full. Minimize distractions by referring last minute questions and queries to your nominated trusted person, whether this is your Planner, a Bridesmaid or Family member.

8. Take In Your Surroundings.
It’s important to connect and become present with your space. Clear yourself of your phone and if you’re getting ready in a room with a beautiful view then take a moment out to take in the vista. Notice the sounds, colours, scents, focus on your breathing. Please practice mindfulness or meditation, allow time into your morning for centering your "PEACE"". The aim is to connect you to the here and now, rather than your mind racing about all the details of the day to come.

9. Factor in Contingency Time
Most importantly, the morning shouldn’t be rushed. It’s important to build in contingency time should for any reason aspects over-run in the morning. If the day starts late, it can be emotionally challenging with stresses easily heightened. Plan a time span an hour before each service(hair, makeup and  grooming yourself).

10. Consider a First Look
NOTE: Consider. it is not a must on the calming list. I lot of people don't believe in see the each other before the wedding. It is consider BAD LUCK. carry on!!!
A great way to remove any last minute nerves is to consider a First Look session. This brings the couple together, ahead of seeing all their guests at the ceremony for some pictures with their Photographer. It fuses the strength of the couple, to lean on one another if any nerves are setting in. It’s also an incredibly personal and intimate moment to savour as one of those future all-time-favourite memories and is a great time for pictures as everything about your look and the florals is pristine. https://bridalmusings.com/129064/10-ways-to-feel-calm-relaxed-on-your-wedding-day/

         Be Happy and Successful all the days of your life!