Stay Tight!

Making it work is EAZY. You must commit your all. You must desire to build a complete Life with this person.

Here are a few ways you can make sure that you and your partner/spouse stay together.

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Love is the only emotion that is felt without CAUSE!

They Are Beautiful!

Asked These Questions & Understand These Answers

What Does Your Love Language & Needs Look Like? Is your partner aware of your needs.

You must be happy and mentally healthy within yourself before you can allow yourself to receive health love.

What Does Your Partner/Spouse Love Language & Needs Look Like?

If you do not completely know, this is great opportunity to open a new line of communication. There is no limit nor boundary to the dialogue. As we age our desires change with the growth of our mindset.  Communcation is the KEY to pleasing your partner/spouse.

Everyone Needs To Improve Something!

There is an old wife's tale that says. If you are the smartest person in the room, you need to find another room. In order to be what you desire within yourself and your relationship, you must surround yourself with people and things that have already accomplished your GOAL

Experience Your Intimacy On A New Mental Level.

We all know this exercise. Take 3 mins 2 times a week.
Find a space in your home to meditate together. Before you start the meditation.... Sit across from each other in a Cross-Legged Positron. Sitting cross-legged on the floor indicates that you feel open and carefree. This invite of an open mind will allow a more spiritual openness. Close your eyes. Practice taking deep breathes simultaneously. Once you are both on the same rhythm, open your eyes. Grab their hands and look deep into their eyes for about 3 mins.

The Perfect Marriage For You!

Your life is what you CREATE. Because you create your own reality... Your Avatar does, feel, reaction and care base on the stimulation you manifest.
So, stop self-sabotaging yourself and your relationship. Elevate higher to obtain a higher love. After all,

Understanding and Excepting Real Love. 

We cannot have a therapy session on this page. However...most, but not all of your concerns/issues within your love life start from childhood traumas. And for the African American Heritage the dysfunction is innate from years of generational group thinking.  You must understand that real love does not boast or brag, it does not keep score or blame, it does not cause or seek harm. it

Make It LAST!!

Now that you have the tools give us feedback on how it worked for you.

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