"Hey you,

Life is great, right. Well, from here it looks like you are ready to take the PLINGE! How exciting for you and yours. We are sure you have lots of questions and a little fear mixed inside. Same feeling you had thinking about coming out right.  Well fear is not part of the way God created you. It has no place in the most important decision for your life.

Is the love a
test, conquest or the best? You must evaluate what this feeling really is and how it will determine if you are really ready for marriage.

First thing first, STOP THE FEAR, and stop it right NOW!!!!!
It will turn into paranoia.  It will not only ruin your
relationship, but your entire life will forever be in question. With that being said. It is mandatory to have 6 weeks of counseling before we marry you. Within this time, you will know if you need to move on or move on."


Three Steps

Take the Test

Get Counseling

Get Engagement Ring