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There once was a lady who feared dying young. Everyday she walked slow and move carefully and never once enjoyed playing in the Sun. She lost her parents at 30, she lost her husband at 35 and her kids never visited. She died at 36 from a broken heart.

Why did  this happen?
Could She have  avoided it?
What's the Moral?

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For real Self Improvement. You must take the time to quite the noise.  A peace of mind is the most healthiest thing you can do to gain Self-Love. 

We are program to repeat a selfless cycle of non self-awareness. In order to gain Self Control....Self Love and Self Awareness is MANDATORY!

Her is where you get you started.

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Self Love

What is Self Love?
self-loveˌself ˈləv/: regard for one's own well-being and happiness.

Its also a state of appreciation for oneself that will develop with thoughts, actions and being of our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

Women are more emotional than Men, right? However, research has proven that at a small age we program males to be less emotional.

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Safe Sex 
ab·​sti·​nence | ab-stə-nən(t)s
To  abstain from having sex. 

I believe that Casual Sex lowers a women's self-esteem. I don't understand how it has become the norm. Therefore, I did a little digging about 10 years ago and found that, researchers found that having casual sex was associated with lower levels of psychological wellbeing and higher levels of anxiety and depression in both men and women.

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Pre Marital

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Married Couples

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