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1. Do you still take your Mate on Dates?
      A. Yes
      B. Sometimes
      C. No

2. Your Mate is really running late to meet your Parents, do you:
      A. Ask how much longer so that you can make a good decision.
      B. Explain to your Parents to be patience.
      C. Get upset.
      D. Tell them not to come, you will reschedule.

3. You just got a new job. Who do you call?
 A. Parents
     B. Best Friend
     C. Mate

4. How important is it for your Mate to have Financial Stability?
     A. Very Important
     B. Important
     C. Not Important

5. Do you desire a Family Lifestyle?
      A. Yes
      B. Not Sure
      C. Not Really

6. Do you talk about your Childhood with your Mate?
      A. Yes
      B. If it comes up.
      C. No

7.  You are in a bad head space, do you:
       A. Tell your Mate.
       B. Say nothing.
       C. Blink it out before I see them.
       D. Tell Parent or Friend.

8.  Your Ex is in town and ask you out to dinner, do you:
       A. Accept but ask if you can bring your Mate.
       B. Accept but explain that you need to check with your Mate.
       C. Tell them you are in a relationship, and it is not a good idea.
       D. Go to dinner and pretend to be single.
       E. Go to dinner to see if there is a chance to if you can reunite.

9.  Something happened that triggered a past drama in your life, do you:
       A. Tell your Mate you need to discuss it with them.
       B. Tell your Mate you time alone to deal with your Feelings.
       C. Call a Parent or Friend.  
       D. Blink it out.

10. Have you told your Mate "I Love You."
       A. Yes
       B. Still waiting for the right moment.
       C. No

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