THE 1985-1997 ERA
           (1882- 2000 private parties and behind the scene moving and shaking)

It was Spring Break 1987-90 in what is now known as "HotLanta". There was a feeling of effervescence that had never been felt in the African American Community of the South or anywhere else. There was a sense of UNITY that prevailed past social problems and into Self-Pride. The tables were turning and Black Women are the main course. This is "FREAKNIK"! And to me, these are the years it became famous. For those that have much input say. 1993 is the year that made it notorious. Organizers -The D.C. Metro Club, consisting of students from Morehouse and Spelman College started a basic Picnic nearby. Most if not all the Clark Atlanta University and Morris Brown students attend to celebrate spring break. As the Picnic became a party, it grew to astronomical number of revenue for the city of Atlanta. This gave The D.C. Metro Club organizers great power. Mentally and physically. Yes, Atlanta was famous for all the Civil Rights Movements; but this was a different fame. No one was concerned with the planned awareness of Black Unity that the D.C. Metro Club had organized it was more about the good old-fashioned universal parting that put ATL on the map again. I will not go into the History of this event; I am sure you can find that anywhere. It was at this turning point, the beginning of casual sex as the norm and Strip Clubs were the "CHURCH" for this group.
During this time ladies were so influenced by the culture of the "Atlanta Boys", just being with one sexually transferred the "HotLanta" energy. This in turn gave more of an acceptance for things that were once consider taboo into the origin of the culture for "THE DIRTY SOUTH". In marks the change of what it means to be a "SOUTHERN GIRL". The premise that the southern women is prim and proper went out the window. The popularity of freaknik ushered in a new breed of young ladies, and the Southern Rap Game was oh so ready to put "Pin to Paper". These young ladies loved and profit from the attention and would do anything to keep it coming. I introduce to you "The Southern Female Hustler".

It is often said "It stared in the south". Well, if you are an intelligent individual you know that (pre-internet), wherever you attend college is where you live for those 4-6 years. The south has the largest number of HBCUs. So, it does not matter where you live during off school season, ATL and FL was infecting everyone with our culture. Also... The Rap Game from NY and the other Regions glorified drug dealing and money; however the The Rap Game from the South glorified drugs, money, pimping and strip clubs. Therefore, it is easily deduced that by 1993, between the Southern Rap Game raising, which caused the need for more video girls, Strip Clubs, FREAKNIK and Drug Dealers; casual sex is now the NORM.

Locking down a Hustler or Somebody in the Strip Club Industry/Music Industry was the ultimate goal. It did not matter if they were male or female, straight or gay, married or not. Therefore, girls are becoming Bi-Sexual, BABY MOMMA'S and *CHICK ON THE SIDE at an alarming rate. Atlanta was popping. This ERA lasted for about 9-13 years....depending on your Social Caliber. I truly believe it ALL would have last longer but, we won the bid to have the 1996 Olympics.
You know how that goes.

    Here we are almost 30 years later.
No one wants to get married, The Strip Club is still the most popular place to get LIT.
We are still the Center of BLACK PRIDE, We are still Black Hollywood and People are still coming here in droves to be someone else other themselves. 


That is why so many Atlanta Men/Women are still starving for a Healthy Committed Relationship.  The UPSIDE is we are still the BLACK MECCA.  

    Practicing Abstinence
Here are 10 ways you can create an abundance mindset in your life today:

1. Recognize the Power of Your Thoughts Cultivating mindfulness can help decipher when your thoughts are creating a mindset of scarcity or of abundance. By taking time to notice what type of thoughts are circulating in your head, you can begin to make a conscious effort to shift your thoughts towards abundance.
ACTION: If you find you are getting less than amazing results in any area of life, ask yourself, “Are my thoughts about this based in fear and scarcity?” If so, then ask, “What do I need to do to shift my mindset to abundance?” Write them down or share them with a friend for accountability.

2. Practice Gratitude Practicing gratitude is one of the most powerful and widely recognized tools for creating abundance and happiness. There are numerous studies on the power of gratitude on well-being. According to Oprah Winfrey, “If you look at what you have in life, you will always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you will never have enough.” In the same vein, Tony Robbins is quoted for saying, “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”
ACTION: Keep a gratitude journal and write down what you are genuinely grateful for every day. Aim to record at least 10 items. If you get stuck, remember to list the simple things that often get overlooked such as the bed you sleep in, a hot shower, the clean air you breathe, or just the chance to live another day.

3. Believe the Sky’s the Limit The enemy of abundance is a contracted awareness. One fun Harvard study found that when people focus intently on one particular thing, other possibilities right in front of them go completely unnoticed. It is vital to loosen the mind’s focus and create an expanded awareness that fosters the abundance mentality.
ACTION: Maintain a regular meditation practice or take a few minutes each day to be somewhere quiet and peaceful. Have the intention to clear your mind and allow new abundant possibilities to come to light.

4. Cultivate and Share Your Passions and Purpose Understanding and creating confidence in the things you are both great at and love to do is an excellent way to foster belief in yourself. Learn how to share your gifts and provide value by serving those who would benefit most. Confidently share what you do through a personal brand presence online or in person.
ACTION: Download this free checklist that gives you the exact steps to creating an abundant personal brand. Take consistent action on the steps provided in order to share your unique value with the world.

5. Develop Mastery Experiences The best way to create self-efficacy, which is the deep knowledge that you can create whatever you want in life and live abundantly, is to consciously create mastery experiences. Mastery experiences are past experiences of success that create mastery in one area. For example, if you get one percent better at something each day, then a year later you will be 365 percent better and will have created a mastery experience.

ACTION: Think of a big goal that you want to achieve. Now write a list of all the small actions you need to take to get there. Focus on the small, achievable steps in the process and soon you will have successfully reached your goal.

6. Pick Your Words Wisely The language you use, as well as what you tell yourself and others, shapes your reality. Are you telling stories of scarcity or stories of abundance?

ACTION: When you are engaged in conversation with a friend or the Universe, notice what you are saying about your experience and beliefs. When you find yourself talking about something you can’t have, be, or do—even though it’s what you actually desire—stop yourself and have the courage to say, “Thank you for listening to me, but I actually want to take that statement back because that is a scarcity mentality and I am creating an abundance mentality.” Then, say something that is possible from an abundance mentality.

7. Build Beyond a Growth Mindset The concept of a growth mindset was developed by psychologist Carol Dweck and popularized in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Dweck writes, “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” A growth mindset is directly related to an abundance mindset.
ACTION: Become curious about other people and their experiences. Have an intention to ask someone every day about their life, what their goals are, and how they plan to achieve them. Practice simply listening to their answers and learning from what they have to say instead of talking about your life or offering your own advice. Then, reflect on your own beliefs about your ability and the abilities of those around you to change and grow.

8. Think Like a Beginner An abundance mentality craves learning and growth, requiring an underlying knowledge that you don’t know everything, even about topics you may have mastered. The beginner’s mindset is about having the ability to maintain an attitude of openness and enthusiasm, along with the willingness to override existing preconceptions (just as a true beginner would) no matter how learned or experienced you may be.

ACTION: Decide to learn something new that places you into an uncomfortable state of “not knowing.” It may be learning a new hobby, language, or even starting a passion project—anything that sounds interesting and forces you to learn.

9. Notice the Good! Humans have a tendency to notice what's bad more easily than what's good. It's not your fault. Your brain is actually wired that way thanks to evolution. Ancestors who were quick to see threats were more likely to survive and pass along their DNA than those who weren't. But optimists rely on an abundance mindset and lead better, longer lives.

ACTION: The next time you have a perceived problem or something doesn’t seem to be going right, look at the problem from a larger, more holistic perspective. Instead of focusing on what is going wrong and trying to fix the problem, focus instead on what is actually going right as it relates to the topic and brainstorm ways to support that even further.

10. Speak Daily Abundance Affirmations Research from Carnegie Mellon University suggests that the use of positive affirmations can improve your problem-solving skills and decrease signs of stress. Using affirmations can help to shift your mentality from scarcity to abundance.

ACTION: Make a list of any fears that you are having in regards to a particular problem or about life in general that may be coming from a scarcity mentality. Write down what you think is going to happen from your voice of fear and scarcity. Then, write down the opposite of what your fears are or what you deeply desire. Use the second list as your own personal list of daily affirmations. While it may not be completely natural at first, anyone can begin to create an abundance mindset and live a meaningful and fulfilling life by taking consistent action. As you expand your awareness, and notice any scarcity mentality that might arise, use these action steps to tap into your own depth of abundance.