Believe it or not, most people feel more anxiety after casual sex/one nighter. The reason for you doing it in the first place was to feel good. However, depending on your desired sexuality you can actual feel worst. 

Hurt People, Hurting People.

There are to waves of "Normal Dating" in the Millennium.
1. Hooking Up(casual sex/one nighter's)
2. Short Term Love Affairs(situationships lasting 2 weeks to 12 months)

Everyone has had a "Situationship" or 2 but, it is the "One Nighter" that I just cant wrap my head around.  Allow me to tell you why.  STD's!

The strange part about that is it is not really a fear in Lesbians' Community. And it should be. My body is a temple and I honor every part of it. When you lay down you get up with that person's spirit attached to you. Rather, is temporary or long term, I have enough dealing with my own traumas. I cant take on another's issues. Some of you are not even aware that it is happened. You just notice that you are dealing with a whole new set of problems. It's called SPIRITUALITY!!!! 

Before we get to thick into that, let's just play around with it shall we. You walk into a room everyone is quite, however you feel the sadness in the room. Transfer that feeling to sex. Energy is never lost. It is only TRANFERRED. Most times, (not all) Alcohol is involved. That is why it is called a "Spirit". It tends to make you sexually lucid. Dropping your sense of reality down and your libido and emotions up. For the most part we drink alcohol to celebrate good times. However, there is a large number of hurting people drinking the problems away. So, that's what they think.

             The other factor is loneliness. There is a running joke we have in my age group.
     "You can get sex before you get feed or find someone that will listen to you"
Often times people just need someone to talk to that will act as if they care. So, casual sex has become the new therapy. As we know, you are not cured in one visit. And just like end up in a 
situationship. During this time, no one is really being honest. Especially not to themselves. Ushering in the stage of discomfort caused by the need to separating from each other. Here is where the HURT comes in play. Instead of understanding that here was an opportunity to face my demons....I will blame you for them. "The Blame Game" is the most harmful emotion a human can deflect to another. Yet, it is the get out of jail free card in all "Situationships". Now, let's take a moment to really ask yourself. Don't I deserve true love. If you have not asked this question or feel you don't need to be in love. You are in "Survival Mode". Being suck in this mode is a reflection of unresolved pain or trauma. And it is the reason why you are ok with casual sex and situationships. WHAT ARE REALLY RUNNING FROM?  

                    HERE IS YOUR HELP!

1. Start Meditating.
2. Tell your everyone that you are taking a Vow to yourself of Abstinence.
3. Stop having SEX now!!!
4. Stop drinking, smoking or partying until you can control your urges.
5. Read books and Affirmations about "Celibacy"
6. Get a hobby that does not include people.
7. Eat Healthy and Exercise.
8. Speak your Power into existence
9. Ask yourself..."Is that all I am worth to them"?
10. Meditate