Unaware of Low Self-Esteem

Telling them that's not what a Man does, don't cry, don't talk too much, don't let them see you weak, etc. Now I am not a Rocket Scientist, but I am sure just because you hide or suppress an emotion does not mean it goes away. It comes out, believe me it comes out hard! So, for a large number of people rather Female or Male, there is a deep hidden pain that is killing your happiness. It has also shifted your rational thinking. It has giving you a falsehood of Love and Lifestyle. As you run away from you, you leave a path of Destruction behind. This means you will always find a way to bring chaos to your Life or You are not living to your full potential.

Here are the signs:

                        These 3 things are always overlooked    
     SELF HATE- Dislike of your Race
     Lack of Self Awareness (A curse of the African American Race)

It is not easy to look at yourself and say "I don't Love Me."  However, the truth is a lot of people don't.  By no means am I here to preach nor hold myself higher. I speak from a (past TIMELINE} tested place of pain and regret. The pain came from the hurt I felt for wasting so much time loving people and things more than loving My Mind, My Body and My Soul. The Regret came from the ​soft whisper of my inner spirit guiding me and I knowingly and often not knowingly chose not to listen. No matter how you view yourself, this is a form of Self Sabotage. When you disobey your inner voice, you are ultimately disconnecting your Trinity (Latin: Trinitas, lit. 'triad', from trinus, "threefold" Your Mind, Body and Soul.) The way you look has no bearing on how you feel about yourself. Most often than none the prettier/handsomer, the higher the denial of low self-esteem.

You have to build your esteem up until it is so high, you radiate a visual, spiritual and mental image that speaks Elegance/REGAL, yes, I said Regal. When you have High Self Esteem you never allow yourself to be compromised in any way.


Here is your HELP

1. View a picture of yourself daily 
2. List 10 positive things about you
3. List 10 ppl that make you happy
4. Remove ppl that's not listed
5. Write down your Dream Life
6. Speak about it with Affirmation
7. Remove: I can't, maybe, not sure 
8. Read as much as you can daily
9. Eat healthy and exercise daily
10. *Meditate
*Every Morning and Night
   Click here to learn how to meditate