Just Say NO!

I know for me; I cannot exchange 10 mins of pleasure for an uncertain time of self-doubt. When I was in my 20's, I tried to do the hook up thing. The entire time I was wondering who they were before and after me. I felt less than. I later discovered there is a name for my condition. I am a Demi/Sapiosexual. Which makes me a very big whale in a very, very small backyard pool. Thank God, I am not single. Listed below are a few of the different sexualities in the LGBQT. This is important for you to gain a prospective on how important it is for you to only be sexual with your desired idea. Otherwise, you are just throwing off the Universe. 

         Don't confess the below with a GENDER........A Gender is another talk show. 😁
Gynesexual: is anyone who has no sexual feelings towards femininity but may have other attractions.
Androgynosexual:: is being sexually attracted to both men and women, specifically to those with androgynous appearances.
Asexual: is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone or low or absent interest in sexual activity
Demisexual: is a sexual orientation where you don't feel sexual attraction to any person unless you've had a deep emotional bond with that person.
Femmesexual: is the attraction to women, feminine.
Mascusexual: is the attraction to masculine nonbinary people, and 100% androgynous nonbinary people. The opposite of Femmesexual.
Omnisexual: is a sexual orientation where one is attracted to all genders or any gender, while having a preference. 
Pansexual: is sexual attraction or emotional attraction toward people of either sex or any gender identity.
Polysexual: is a term used to describe someone who is sexually attracted to more than one gender.
Sapiosexual: where the primary feature that one finds attractive is intelligence, rather than appearance or body. It commonly goes hand-in-hand with asexual-spectrum orientations. https://sexuality.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Sexualities


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